YACHTLINE 420 DL – ZODIAC – Pneumatic

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YACHTLINE 420 DL – ZODIAC – Pneumatic

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A natural complement to any yacht, the Zodiac® YACHTLINE range has been revisited to better satisfy your needs and to better fit your boat.

This new edition relies on comfort. In addition the new bow rail which is safe and convenient for mooring, combined with its new lateral teak covered step facilitates safe boarding.

While preserving the tender’s compactness in order to occupy as little space as possible on your boat; the YACHTLINE interior layout has been designed to provide comfortable seating for all passengers. The generous storage locker aperture provides easy access to the equipment that you have stored.

There are 3 new tube colors (grey, camel and navy blue) that provide you with the opportunity to harmonize your tender with your boat. These new tubes made of Hypalon™-Néoprène™ fabric provides a better resistance to UV radiation and to abrasion. In addition, tubes are fully removable which facilitate its maintenance.

The YACHTLINE will also fit your recreational activities (water-skiing, sports sailing, etc). Known for its great sea keeping qualities, the Yachtlines are quick to get on the plane thanks to their integral and patented Zodiac® flaps.

Overall Length: 13’9”/4.20m
Inside Length: 9’2”/2.80m
Overall Width: 6’1”/1.86m
Inside Width: 3’1”/0.94m
Buoyancy Tube Diameter: 1’6”/0.455m
Passengers: 6
Maximum Payload: 1873.9 lbs/850 kg
Total Weight: 601.9 lbs/273 kg
Air Tight Compartments: 3
European Directive: C
Shaft: Long
Minimum Recommended Power (hp): 30
Minimum Recommended Power (kW): 45
Maximum Recommended Power (hp): 60
Maximum Recommended Power (kW): 45
Maximum Power Allowed (hp): 60
Maximum Power Allowed (kW): 45
Maximum Speed (km): 60
Maximum Speed (mph): 37.3
Hull Length: 13’1”/3.98m
Hull Width: 4’1”/1.25m
Hull Height: 3’5”/1.03m
Hull Angle: 18°


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