Two-stage snowblowers are more efficient than single-stage models. They remove snow from larger areas in less time. Toro’s 2-stage snowblowers are even more powerful. We’ll find out more about this in the following.

Features of the Toro 2-Stage Snowblowers

Toro’s 2-stage snowblowers have a clearing width of between 24″ and 32″ and can throw snow up to 45′ (13.5 m). They are therefore very effective for clearing snow from very large areas. You won’t have to pass the snowblower again; the job can be done in one turn. Toro’s 2-stage snowblowers come in two varieties: Toro Power Max and Toro Power Max HD. Both models have 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. They can be started manually or electrically. And what’s interesting about the Toro brand 2-stage snowblowers is that the plastic parts are guaranteed for life and the snowblower for 3 years.

Toro 2-Stage Snow Thrower Performance

Like the above, Toro’s 2-stage snowblowers are more advanced in their features. Their engines are very powerful, like the Power Max® HD 1432 OHXE with its 420cc engine. 2-stage snowblowers also have the huge advantage of being self-propelled. They are indeed faster and do not require much physical strength to operate. The capacity and snow throwing distance of each Toro 2-stage snowblower depends on the model. We recommend that you come into our store or call us for more information. Our customer service advisors will be happy to explain which model best suits your needs.

Trust Toro for your 2-stage snow blower

Toro, a well-known global brand in outdoor maintenance, brings you its expertise and know-how in 2-stage snowblowers. Indeed, the company first specialized in the manufacture of garden tools. Their snowblowers are only a few years old, although Toro has been around since 1914. When you choose Toro 2-stage snowblowers, you’re putting your trust in experienced technicians and engineers. That’s why we’ve chosen Toro snowblowers to help you clear concrete, asphalt and gravel surfaces. In addition, you can find snowblower parts and accessories in our online store or in Saint-Jérôme.

Take advantage of our many years of experience as snowblower resellers and Toro brand resellers to help you choose the right 2-stage snowblower. Don’t hesitate to call us!

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