At Desjardins Sport, we understand the importance of taking proper care of watercrafts. To fully enjoy the boating season, your boat and its equipment must be fully functional and safe.

Our team offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for your boats, pontoons and accessories. To ensure the maintenance of your watercraft, repair a mechanical problem or replace electronics, we have the know-how, expertise and the parts to help you.

All the repairs are performed in our workshop. Our team can pick up your watercraft and bring it back in a perfect condition.

Preventive Mechanical or Seasonal Maintenance

Ensuring the regular maintenance of your boat and its accessories is one of the best ways to extend its lifespan. Not only do you reduce the risk of mechanical problems and failure, but you also reduce the costs of major repairs or replacement.

Our team of technicians will take over the preventive or seasonal maintenance of your watercraft. We will handle its transportation to our workshop, where our technicians can inspect all the components of your boat or pontoon and do the required maintenance.

We perform all the routine maintenance tasks:

  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic diagnosis
  • Engine, outboard lower unit and mechanical parts maintenance
  • Cleaning and repair in case of damage
  • Inspection of gaskets
  • Changing the oil, filters, straps, spark plugs and others
  • Lubrication
  • Etc.

Our team can also store your watercraft and prepare it for winterization.

Sale, Installation and Repair of Electronics

Are you looking for accessories to equip your watercraft? We sell all the equipment and accessories that you need! Our team can also install them for you, in accordance with professional standards.

One of your electronics seems defective? We have a wide selection of parts and the qualified staff to repair or replace all defective equipment!

Check out our online store to know more about the products offered at Desjardins Sport.

Electric Boat Conversion

At Desjardins Sport, we can convert your traditional gas-powered boat into a watercraft propelled by an innovative electric motor. Thanks to our technical expertise and to technological advancements in electric motors for watercrafts, you can reduce your ecological footprint without sacrificing the performance of your boat or the pleasure of boating. What is more, electric motors are far less noisy than traditional motors, which will help you enjoy the water even more, while reducing the disturbances for the marine life and other boaters.

Entrust the electric conversion of your watercraft to our team and opt for more economical boating that’s also more respectful of the environment and more discreet!